About Us

Leading the way in assembly and manufacturing, Unami creates the standard of a


Unami is a forerunner in offering customer diversity in LED and Induction lighting ranging from talents of assembly, fabrication and metal forming. Unami’s technology offers the ability to create from specific designs and offer options of retrofitting or relamping.

Unami welcomes Electronic Manufacturing Service, subcontract manufacturing opportunities for other OEM/ODM companies. Unami provides an evaluation of build to print “outsourcing” within the USA. Innovative Customers can partner with Unami, a manufacturer who respects intellectual property rights. Unami is committed to bringing technology, superior capabilities, efficiency and transcendent customer service for the entire life cycle process with our clients. It is not necessary for the company or individual with an idea to also own the brick and mortor or the needed fabrication equipment and skilled labor. Subcontract partnering should be done with an efficient, cost effective quality organization. At Unami, quality is always the answer. The confidentiality of our customers idea, design and strategy is an inherent facet of our business model.